Square payments sucks

Not so Square!

Square payments made us rethink our payment processing. Our company has multiple online interests and occasionally and very rarely we get a chargeback.  Much like most of the retail population out there, chargebacks do happen and its a part of doing business.  Sometimes it is the mistake of the customer who placed the order but didn’t recognize the transaction, other times it is outright fraud.  In that case, the merchant has the ability to dispute the chargeback and provide evidence supporting the charge.

Square fails with chargebacks!

We were fairly new to the Square experience, having used their service for just under a year for our credit card transactions.  And then it happened.  We received a chargeback and then another chargeback from an eerily similar customer.  These were not small chargebacks but for property sold and for thousands of dollars.  We submitted the proofs of the ip addresses, the emails and the payments tendered, the contract from the customer, everything was all authorized and the proofs were overwhelming.

Square payments didn’t file dispute!

But we heard nothing from Square.  Until they decided to close our account.  To date, months later, nothing.

It is as if they didn’t even submit the rebuttals (that is what they are called when you dispute a chargeback).  I think this is a very concerning problem that merchants considering the option of using Square should consider.

Do you want to partner with a company that simply does not have the technology built to handle chargebacks and then penalizes you when you get one?  Is that the kind of credit card processor a small business wants?

At minimum, merchants out there MUST consider that a competitor can destroy your business knowing this.  All they will have to do is make two purchases and then issue chargebacks, bam!@   Account closed, no more credit card processing for you.  Is that the kind of credit card processor you want?

Square doesn’t seem to be so square after all. 

They have been spending a huge amount of money on marketing and advertising to accept new clients.  And in the meantime discarding good clients to the wayside and secretly pushing legitimate charges under the carpet.

We are out thousands of dollars on two chargebacks and the person who charged back the amount?  They kept our assets, they still have it and what has Square done?  They have squarely NOT done anything. Not even communicated with us.

We find this unacceptable in this day and age and there needs to be some accountability.  In researching online, we found that we are not alone.  Others have had similar incidents.

There are alternatives to Square

There are other alternatives such as Paypal and now the introduction of ApplePay.  But what about all of those merchants who have Square and are worried about this situation happening?  It is this author’s humble opinion that they better pay attention and set up alternative processing just in case.

Stripe payment is BETTER than Square

If you are considering a payment processor, take a hard look at Stripe. It was put together by programmers and they are super customer service oriented. We have been with them for years. Even the big guys like Shopify use Stripe!

How does a company that accepts credit cards get away with not filing rebuttals to chargebacks?  And what are the procedures if this actually did take place?  Is there any oversight in this area?

I guess the better question is, Should there be

Squarely, there is a problem at Square payments.

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